About International School of the Bible

In 2006 I was introduced to Larry Chkoreff and the International School of The Bible, during which time I was the owner of inJesus.com. At our first meeting Larry gave me his book, "Grow or Die" which I immediately read. This book turned my world upside down, as I received baptizm in the Holy Spirit while reading this book, truly having a God encounter through the teaching, "The Flowing River." In July of that same year I took this book to Western Kenya teaching discipleship in crusades where pastors and saints from atleast six countries in Africa attended. The rest was history as the teachings of ISOB quickly spread throughout the continent of Africa and further, many healed, delivered, and set free. I first hand experienced the supernatural move of God.

Larry Chkoreff soon became a board member of what was then inJesus Global Missions and is now a Elder of River's Edge Church. The Lord continues to give Larry and Carol both revelation knowledge of the word of God which he publishes in his books. These books are now made avaible to be used abroad at no charge. Below is a brief biography about Larry and Carol as well as ISOB.

Carol Chkoreff and Larry Chkoreff never intended to start a ministry like ISOB. We were teaching 8th grade Sunday School at Mt Paran Central and North since 1983. At the same time we were overcoming very challenging circumstances in our lives. I ended up writing about our overcoming through God's direction and path for these 8th graders. As we were ministering at Mount Paran Safehouse (downtown Atlanta) in 1994-1996, we were asked to develop discipleship lessons for the homeless people. As we did that, the Lord spoke an unexpected promise to us through Psalms 68:11. "The Lord gave the word, great was the host (army) of those that published it." We had no idea what that meant. But now we do. Writers write, printers print, but publishers distribute. The great host of publishers that we see publishing our books, freely of course, "blows our minds!" These "publishers" are mostly simple pastors in Third World and persecuted nations.

Increase became exponential. From 2005 to 2011 we have developed 15 books that are being distributed in more than 43 nations, in thousands of churches. God has utilized these inner healing and discipleship books to revolutionize tens of thousands of lives. The result has included thousands of salvations, hundreds of new churches planted, and many lives transformed by the Word of God by these simple but profound books. We really do not even try to count or keep track any longer, the reports come in too fast!